Monday, July 8, 2013

What is Murumuru?

Information Brought to You By: RECHERCH'E ORGANICS

Astrocaryum murumuru

Astrocaryum murumuru, commonly known as the murumuru palm and pronounced as Moor-oo-Moor-oo, is native to the Amazon rain forest of South America. This palm differs from most due to it's huge numbers of protective spines.  Even the seeds and flowers have little spines on them! This palm sports very long leaves up to 20 feet long, with striking whitish silver undersides. These leaves have been used through out history to make many accoutrement's by the natives including baskets, hammocks, woven into their homes and much, much more.  The oil rendered from the seeds has been a main source of edible oil for the people of this region since time immortal. 

Spines on Murumuru

Murumuru Nuts

In Spanish this tree is called Chonta, Chuchana, or sometimes Huicongo.  The large fruits of this palm have been highly valued through out history for the rich butter that they produce. Murumuru oil  has a unique odor, not dis-similar the characteristic scent of coconut oil.  Murumuru is solid at room temperature, with a slightly higher melting point than its much more well known cousin the coconut oil ( murumuru 91degreese Fahrenheit or 33 degrees Celsius and coconut 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 22 degrees Celsius). Due to it's many saturated short chain fatty acids, murumuru has a long shelf life and tends not to go rancid easily.

Murumuru Seeds and Unrendered Meat

Murumuru butter is rich in pro-vitamin A and C and Omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9.  The main fatty acid found in this butter is called Lauric acid (at an astonishing 47%).  This is a similar amount of Lauric Acid that is  only found in one other natural ingredient...breast milk!  Murumuru has 7 other essential acids  besides Lauric acid, ( essential meaning your body needs to get them from outside sources but fully needs them to fully function) including myristic acid, oleic, palmitic, linoleic acids making.  Murumuru has been shown to be a wonderful moisturizer for sensitive skin.  This gentile moisturizer is readily absorbed into the deep layers of skin, helping to restore elasticity and suppleness of the bodies outer layers.

Murumuru Nut, Oil, and Butter
This highly moisturizing, natural emollient, hard and waxy butter has many noteworthy actions.  It is anti-allergenic, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and considered anti viral.  It is a potent source of antioxidants and can be used as a mild antiseptic.  It therefore works with acne, aids in the healing of mild abrasions, helps moisturize psoriasis, and in conjunction with eczema. Murumuru does all of this but also has some pretty amazing attributes that you do not necessarily find with in other palms.  Possibly it's most significant lone characteristic is it's uncanny ability with HAIR~

Oh so Beautiful~

Yes Hair~ This butter makes a wonderful addition to hair products.  It helps to even sun damaged and chemical damaged hair.  It gives an other wise unseen ability to control frizzy, kinky, dry, damaged locks. It has natural saponins with in the kernel (as most all nuts of the coconut family).  However due to it's many differentiating nutrients, found naturally in perfect harmony with one another, it makes this the number one (all time best (in my humble opinion)) for coarse, kinky, and highly curly hair.  It renders these hair types highly manageable.  Soft and supple it lends a protective layer and lasting hydration.  It gives a healthy shine to all hair types but lends its magic to these tresses in particular~